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    So if you want to watch a really offensive video about relationships and what apparently gives “value” to them, watch this!  

    +2 life points if you can make it past 2:33 

    Please feel free to mention to them on any of their media channels how damaging this view is….


    This video makes the bold statement: “If things were different then things would be different,” I guess they are advocating that if it were different it would be better, but they never make any argument as to why more marriages is better than fewer. Most egregiously for their argument they assume that on average that women want sex less than men when statistically that exchange can never deviate from a 1:1 ratio (unless we assume there are more woman in the sample population than men, which they do not mention and would not be a result of the argument that contraception has a negative effect on marriage rates) so we must assume that the presenters of this argument are women who dislike sex but want to be married (and have no other qualities other than sex to offer) or that they think contraception tricks women into thinking they like sex      

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    Kingdoms of Amalur: 2  

    chairs!  Ideas to show chairs and how the environment might become covered in blight!  

    I like of all these, except “D,” that doesn’t look anything like a chair

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