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    'Batman: the Animated Series' mural in Louisville, KY (photo by Katie Scheid)

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    Puffed Shoggoths - An H.P. Lovecraft Art Zine is now available for purchase from my Etsy Shop!

    "Puffed Shoggoths" is a perfect-bound book and features 72 pages of grey-scale artwork from over 50 amazing illustrators, artists and comic makers, all paying tribute to the bleak and terrifying world of H.P. Lovecraft. The cover is in full-colour, on a thick card-stock of the highest quality. Lovecrafts’ written works were filled with monstrous gods, horrifying cults, and an enveloping sense of inescapable doom. Here is the list of amazing illustrators that contributed to this ungodly tome of inescapable evil:

    Michael DeForge

    Jon Vermilyea

    Sam Heimer

    Julian Callos

    Aleks Sennwald

    Sam Bosma

    Kat Verhoeven

    Shane Hillman

    Kaity Hill

    Hugo Arias

    Jenn Woodall

    Erin Ornstein

    Michelle Chrzanowski

    Mary Verhoeven


    Andy McNeil 

    Michael Bukowski

    Michael Clayton

    Patrick Sparrow

    Triangular Boy

    Gillian Blekkenhorst

    Chris Huth

    Arthur Bohrden

    Rachel Kahn 

    K. Lee Kain

    Chris O’Neal

    Nicolo Pellizzon 

    Richard Disley

    Mark Thibodeau

    Jasper Van Looveren Baines 

    Sabrina Parolin 

    Eunice Luk

    John Delucca

    Max Capacity

    Chris Kuzma

    Mike Ellis


    Jennifer Ilett

    Aeron Alfrey

    Johann Tebrake

    FuFu Frauenwahl

    Toren Atkinson

    Laura Harte

    Trevor Henderson

    Jimmy Giegerich

    Sabrina Scott

    Ted Gudlat

    Andrea Kalfas

    John Lang

    Kelly Forbes

    Iain Danvers

    Zach Hazard Vaupen

    Melanie Tranchemontagne

    Byron Eggenschwiler

    Dilraj Mann

    Stefie Zohrer

    Happy Friday the 13th! Any item over $20.00 gets free shipping, for today only! Just enter the coupon code “YOUREALLDOOMED” to activate it!


    Available now!!


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    Hello everyone!! Monsters of the Deep, a zine featuring the work of over 60 artists on the terrifying sea creatures that haunt our nightmares is now live on kickstarter! Please help us fund the printing of this amazing collection of work and get some awesome rewards at the same time!

    10 DAYS TO GO!!! We’re two thirds of the way there, but we still need your support to get this collection of work printed! Which is why we’ve added a new reward!! Now you can get a copy of the zine and a print of an illustration from the zine signed by the artist!! So please check it out and spread the word!!

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    So if you want to watch a really offensive video about relationships and what apparently gives “value” to them, watch this!  

    +2 life points if you can make it past 2:33 

    Please feel free to mention to them on any of their media channels how damaging this view is….


    This video makes the bold statement: “If things were different then things would be different,” I guess they are advocating that if it were different it would be better, but they never make any argument as to why more marriages is better than fewer. Most egregiously for their argument they assume that on average that women want sex less than men when statistically that exchange can never deviate from a 1:1 ratio (unless we assume there are more woman in the sample population than men, which they do not mention and would not be a result of the argument that contraception has a negative effect on marriage rates) so we must assume that the presenters of this argument are women who dislike sex but want to be married (and have no other qualities other than sex to offer) or that they think contraception tricks women into thinking they like sex      

  10. Putin